· Participation is entirely at own risk. The Instructors and board members can not be held responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur or for damage to or theft of personal property.

· Any chronic health problems or disabilities should be made known to the instructors before the training begins.

· Participants are expected to arrive clean and showered to each training.

· Participants are required to trim their finger and toe nails before each training.

· Participants must ensure that all their training gear is clean and odour free before each training.

· Participants must remove all jewellery (including piercings) before the class begins.

· No shoes of any kind are allowed on the mat.

· Slippers or shoes must be worn at all times whenever stepping off the mat.

· Participants must treat each other with respect and give each other the room to learn.

· Aggressive behaviour towards fellow students or instructors will not be tolerated.

· Participants are expected to leave both the training room and changing rooms tidy.

· No Drama!

· We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.