Alongside the regular classes, we also provide a series of specialist workshops. The Self Defence and Combatives Workshop is designed to illustrate how the basic principles and techniques of Gracie Jiu Jitsu can be applied to various real self defence situations.

Possibly the strongest argument for the study of Jiu Jitsu besides as an effective tool for personal development is the ability it gives an accomplished practitioner to control and overcome opponents of greater size, strength and aggression by utilising a superior knowledge of leverage and positioning. This is where Jiu Jitsu sets itself aside from other martial arts as an assailant can be subdued and controlled using only the level of severity required to diffuse the situation.

This 'gentle' approach means that Jiu Jitsu is not only perfect for both men and women looking for a realistic system of self protection but also professionals such as security guards, nurses and public servants who’s profession at times can put them at risk of attack.

Please note: BJJ leiden seminars are designed to serve as an introduction to Jiu Jitsu. A single seminar can not provide the necessary skill development required to enable someone to preform any of the techniques under pressure. That level of ability can only be acquired through regular training!