Jiu Jitsu has been in the fight for women’s rights since 1910 when the Suffragette movement of the UK used its techniques to protect themselves from arrest during their campaign for the right to vote. The nature of Jiu Jitsu as a defensive art makes it suitable not only for women but also medical staff, police and security services as it allows a practitioner to effectively neutralise an aggressor using minimal force. This means that the techniques can be used to cover a wider array of situations ranging from the irritating and mundane such as a drunk and annoying friend or work colleague at a party to the much more serious and potentially life threatening.

In this program you will learn to apply the basic principles of Jiu Jitsu such as base and leverage to first set boundaries, both physical and mental and then how to apply the skills learned to maintain distance, break contact, escape and eventually neutralise a situation.

The program consists of 15 lessons designed to illustrate how Jiu Jitsu can be applied to various self defence situations. During the program, you will also be offered the opportunity to practice the techniques you have learned at our ‘open mat’ session on Sunday mornings. For this, we suggest bringing a willing husband, boyfriend, brother or male friend that you don’t mind choking, to play the ‘bad guy’.

At the end of the program you will also be given the option to join the regular Jiu Jitsu classes with one free month of training.


Thursday 19:00 - 20:00 Ladies Self Defence
Sunday 10:30 - 12:00 Open Training



I recently attended BJJ Leiden's first women's self-defense workshop and it was super. I was a bit nervous as a novice with no upper body strength but the teaching style was excellent - really encouraging and easy to understand. Every move was broken down and applied to potential real-life scenarios. It was a great experience and confidence boost and left me wanting more. I would definitely recommend BJJ Leiden to all genders, sizes, strengths and abilities!

Orla Kelly
Orla Kelly

I did the ladies self-defence course at BJJ Leiden from April till July 2019 (one lesson per week plus practice on Sundays). Apart from the fact that it opened a whole new world for me (I joined the BJJ classes only a few weeks into the course), it changed my approach to self-defence. I understood that technique overcomes strength and that simple details are essential in a situation in which if someone were to harm me, chances are that person will be bigger and physically stronger than me. So it is not about kicking someone’s ass, but about escaping a situation in which normally the odds are in the attacker’s favour. I know practice makes perfect, but the teaching style is invaluable – with the memorable practical examples and the poetic delivery of the techniques, I still remember what to do in various hypothetical threatening situations even months after the course, without having practiced those one hundred times. Most fun I’ve had in a long time out of my comfort zone, learning something completely new. Thank you, Russ, I could hardly imagine someone else more dedicated and suitable for teaching this than you! Thank you, Thom, for assisting Russ and sorry about the countless times we chocked you!

Lavinia Cadar
Lavinia Cadar

Ik heb bij BJJ Leiden een zelfverdedigingscursus voor vrouwen gevolgd. Het was een hele leuke interactieve les. De cursus ging niet over hoe je door het gebruik van geweld je tegenstander te lijf gaat, maar juist hoe je vanuit je eigen kracht jezelf kan verdedigen tegen iemand die misschien veel sterker is. De oefeningen werden voorgedaan, waarna we zelf verder konden oefenen met een begeleider. Ook gaf trainer Russ duidelijk uitleg over de JiuJitsu filosofie waarop de training gebaseerd is.

Lieske de Krijger
Lieske de Krijger